How colleges are dealing with netas, babus

Principals of various Delhi University colleges are getting calls from politicians, including ministers and their personal secretaries as well as both sitting and former legislators, to cooperate in granting admission to their children and other relatives. As if this is not enough, students or their parents carry referral slips or letters of recommendation given by ministers while visiting office of the college principals.

Principal of Motilal Nehru college, B K Sharma, said, ‘The admission process is almost over but not the recommendations from ministers. I am getting calls from ministers and their personal secretaries, who request to do something for a particular student. But I tell them I am unable to do anything. I can’t bend the rules of the university for ministers or anyone else.’

Later, he added, ‘How can I accommodate all the students who come here only on the basis of politicians’ references? Some of the students have scored very low, not eligible for admission in any course.

There are limited seats and eligible students have to be considered.’

Principal of Kirori Mal college, Bhim Sen Singh, said, ‘I have been getting a flurry of calls for admission in various faculties but I don’t work under pressure. I admit students according to the cut-off list, not recommendations.’

‘Many ministers and bureaucrats are pressurised by people to issue letters and make phone calls for admission. They do it knowing fully well that it’s of no use, as admission process is nearly fool-proof, except in some minority institutions such as St Stephen’s college,’ said chairman of a prominent DU college.

Another principal, on the condition of anonymity, said, ‘I received a letter from an MP. When I didn’t respond, I got a call from his PA. Then I got a call from the MP himself, telling me that this student was close to him.’

He added, ‘How to deal with such requests? I am polite and say that I will look into the matter. Parents become desperate and I do appreciate their desire to provide for the best possible education for their child. But if they are persistent with their requests, then you have to be equally persistent in your stance.’

He said, ‘In Delhi, it does not take long for people to write a letter. Every college principal has to deal with this kind of pressure.’
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