How a comic book hero is educating villagers

The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited [NPCIL] which has used comics as a medium for spreading awareness about nuclear energy has released the third part of innovative Budhiya series of comics which tells the story of the benefits of nuclear energy in simple, attractive way.

The Budhiya comic tells the story of a village in India where people are apprehensive of the impact of a nuclear power plant coming up near their village, but a village boy clears their doubts. The central character named Budhiya is a man full of doubts about a nuclear plant, its safety and security, the environment around it, the effect of radiation on plant, animal and human life, and a boy from the same village who is an engineer, answers those queries.

The first part, named Ek tha Budhia [Meet Mr Budhiya] and the second Budhiya ki Sair [Budhiya’s Trip] talk about the common beliefs and fears regarding a nuclear power plant of villagers and the villagers’ visit to a nuclear plant.

The third comic Badal gaya Budhiya [Budhiya Has Changed] takes the story further where the construction of the nuclear power plant begins in the village but some protestors attempt to stall it. However, sensible villagers and others remove everyone’s doubts and the plant is constructed, leading to prosperity and development of the village.

In the comic, the atmosphere of a village, the people who live there and their questions regarding health, safety, security and benefits from a nuclear power plant have been dealt with in a very creative manner.

The comic, already posted on the website of NPCIL, will shortly be released in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati, besides English and Hindi. It will also be converted into an animated CD like the earlier versions.

It is serving a vital purpose in the last few months especially in view of the people’s concern about health and safety issues of nuclear power plants, a NPCIL spokesman said in
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