‘Horses are more exotic than women'

There is more to Randeep Hooda than his killer looks. The intensity that he puts in his roles, which can woo anyone, for instance. From Monsoon Wedding to the recent Murder 3, he has managed to win over both critics and the masses. Calling himself lucky in horses and unlucky in women, Randeep wants to change the dynamics of Bollywood. Millennium Post caught up with the actor. Excerpts:

You replaced Emraan Hashmi in Murder 3. Were there any apprehensions about the audience accepting you?

The audience has accepted me in all kinds of roles so far. Murder 3 is a completely new script and not a continuation of the first two parts. In fact, the movie was named
Murder 3
much later, after pre-production stage. I did ask the question, why not Emraan. I was told I suit the role. More than the name, the brand or franchise of the film gave me security which was the reason I said yes. I would have done it even if it was named Balti 3 or Table 2.

You are counted among the most attractive men in the industry. How do you feel about that?

I am thankful. Though I would partly share the credit with my genes that have been passed on to me by my parents. But more than good looks, I would love to be known as an interesting actor. Of course, the good-looking tag is enjoyable, but it’s futile in the long run. I always aim to play a character in an film, not a hero.

How do you bring such intensity and versatility in your roles?

I found it hard in my early days as an actor. At this stage in my career, the foremost criteria is the script. It should be the one which I can follow and understand. Later, I go by my instinct as to how best I can portray the role on screen.

According to your statement: ‘I have lost all my money in slow horses and fast women’. Will you still bet on both?

Some habits die hard. I am fond of both but I find horses far more exotic than women. So it’s the former always.

How difficult was it for you to enter Bollywood without a godfather?

It’s all luck and providence. I always had a deep desire to be an actor. I wanted to be in Hollywood, but I chose Hindi films later. I got lucky with Monsoon Wedding. I have also been a part of theatre with Naseerudin Shah. He took me to Ram Gopal Verma for D and then to Milan Lutharia for Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. So I have been in the right place at the right time.

What is your criteria for choosing a film?

Earlier, I would do any role. I have suffered in my career because many of my films did not either get released or could not reach the audience. Now I only choose brands. As an artiste, it’s my deepest desire to reach as far I can.

Do you think the idea of a stud has been redefined in Bollywood?

If it has not been, then I would surely do it by being the most quintessential actor who can do things that are not conventional and never been dared or experimented with.
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