‘Hollywood recognition won’t help you get good work here’

Irrfan, who has been a part of many Hollywood films, says that getting good work back home is not due to his recognition abroad.

Irrfan got noticed globally for his performances in films like Slumdog Millionaire, The Amazing Spider-Man, Life of Pi and Jurassic World.

“Hollywood projects have nothing to do with my career here. Definitely the perception of you as an actor has changed audience sees our man is doing great work there. It changes their perception in Hollywood. But in Indian industry, it doesn’t help to get you good work,” Irrfan told a <g data-gr-id="65">media</g> person.

Irrfan, who is happy with the response to his latest releases--”<g data-gr-id="73">Talvar</g>” and “Jazbaa”-- feels that there has been a change in perception of Indian actors being viewed by Hollywood filmmakers today.

“The market has opened up for Indian stories and talent, technicians. It feels great to see Indian actors doing work <g data-gr-id="64">there..</g> I am happy for Priyanka Chopra (the lead in American TV show ‘Quantico’),” he said.

When asked if he thinks that he got his due in the Hindi film industry a bit late, “I don t think about that. I think we as actors are pressed for time. I don t think I have enough time to think about these things. The things that add to my life or which makes me simpler and harmonious with <g data-gr-id="70">life</g> I give value to those things rather than complain or hold grudges.”

“I have seen people getting drowned, finishing their life just because they have complaints and grudges. There must be something in me which is responsible for whatever is happening to me good or bad,” he added.
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