Hollywood, not a bad idea!’

Ek Villain was a big success. How’s the feeling?
Well, I am very happy. We received so much love from the audience. People went to watch the movie again and again and the result can be seen at the box office. The movie is still in theatres. It’s a great feeling.

Would you like to share any funny incident that happened while shooting for the movie?
There are a lot of such incidents but one such I would like to share. It was the last shot and I was riding a bike and Sidharth was in a car. The bike was so heavy that I lost my balance and fell down. The whole cast and crew were there. It was an embarrassing moment for me but I got up and pretended like it was not a big deal. I asked a crew member to look after the bike and not to worry about me. But after some time I realised that I had bruises on my knees. It was bleeding badly. I was embarrassed, my lie was caught. Later I was taken to the doctor by Mohit and got my first aid done.  It was entertaining as well as a ‘hurting’ incident.

Your next movie is Haider. What kind of role are you playing in the movie?
I’m playing the role of a Kashmiri journalist in the movie. Rest, I will spill the beans when we start promoting the film.

Who was better as a co-star? Shahid or Sidharth?
Now answering this is really very difficult. You can’t choose anybody. If you love what you are doing and you work with talented people then automatically you will enjoy it. You can’t be like this one is better or that one is better because everyone is different to work with. No one works with you in an unprofessional way. Everyone is good to work with. You learn something different from everyone.

Are you doing any movie with your father?
Not now. I haven’t been offered any movie co-starring my father. But I would love to do it. I have worked with dad in Teenpatti which was a cameo. It was fun working with him. If a movie with a good story and script comes across, both of us would surely love to do that.

You sang in your recent movie. How was the experience?
One day I got a call from Mohit asking me to record the song Gaaliyan and that too in just two days. Without any formal training, I was in the studio, recording. I was very nervous while holding the mike but Mohit encouraged me to carry on. It was a great feeling.  

Any actor with whom you crave to work with?
 There are many such actors. Ranbir Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Aamir, Hritik Roshan...the list is endless.

Any plans for Hollywood?
Hollywood is not a bad idea. If I’m ever offered a movie with a good story, script or role, I’m
definitely going to accept it. It will be great fun to be a part of that world as well.
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