HC reserves order in Bharat Nirman Ad, Sonia photo PIL

The Lucknow Bench  of Allahabad High Court on Wednesday reserved its order in the PIL filed by Lucknow based social activist Dr Nutan Thakur as regards union government’s Bharat Nirman advertisements.

This was done by the bench consisting of justices Imtiyaz Murtaza and DK Upadhyaya after hearing the petitioner and union government’s counsel Asit Kumar Chaturvedi in details.

As per the PIL, these ads do not present any relevant or useful facts for the public. They are very apparently self-publicity sycophantic advertisement being used to fulfill the political agenda of political party in power, where the only focus is on the alleged achievements of the 9 years UPA rule. This waste and misuse of public money for self-oriented political goals cannot be permitted.

As per Dr Thakur, these ads present photographs of Sonia Gandhi as Chairperson of UPA placed juxtaposed to that of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh which is arbitrary, discriminatory and improper because while the PM occupies a constitutional position, Chairperson of UPA has no constitutional or administrative authority.
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