‘Have nothing to lose in B’wood, so experiment with characters’

Actor Dhanush, who will be seen in Shamitabh, Tuesday said he is ready to experiment with roles in Bollywood as he has nothing to lose here.

Asked why he was doing unconventional roles in Bollywood as opposed to his larger-than-life roles down in southern cinema, Dhanush said: “I have been trying to mix my characters as much as possible down south.... there one image is stuck so I am restricted.. “Here in Bollywood, I have nothing to lose so I experiment with my characters. I am thankful to Balki who has given me this film. I don’t have anything to lose here. It’s an amazing experience to work with Amitabh. I don’t know if I have done enough work to deserve to be working with Amitabh. God has blessed me with this film.”
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