Hathaway gets teary eyed over missing Catwoman

Actress Anne Hathaway gets emotional whenever she talks about her role in The Dark Knight Rises, and says she won't mind doing it again. The actress plays the role of Selina Kyle, the Catwoman in the movie.

‘I would love (a spin-off). Actually, it's so embarrassing, I was at a press (media) thing the other night for a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, and the moderator asked me, 'So what was it like to say goodbye to the character?' And I burst into tears, because I miss her,’ quoted Hathaway as saying.

‘I'm crying again - I need to stop talking about this, it just makes me cry. I miss her. I love Selina so much and I love her presence in my life and getting to tap into... I’m crying again! Getting to tap into that level of confidence,’ she added.
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