Has Third Front experiment failed?

Samajwadi Party failed to retain its lone seats in Madhya Pradesh and Delhi. The vote percentage of Samajwadi Party is so very low in these states. Poor performance of SP in all the five states forced Mulayam Singh Yadav to dissolve state units in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh.

It would be worth mentioning here that in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh SP had entered into the alliances with other political parties. In Rajasthan SP was a member of the alliance of Janata Dal United (JDU), Janata Dal Secular, CPI and CPM. SP was contesting in 50 out of total 200 seats, while other parties contested 30 and 40 seats. In 2008, these parties contested the polls without any alliance and SP and JDU had one each while CPM had won three seats.

It may be noted that Samajwadi Party had been concentrating in Rajasthan for quite some time and CM Akhilesh Yadav too had campaigned for the candidates in Rajasthan number of times. In Madhya Pradesh, SP entered into alliance with CPI, CPM and Samanta Dal and also had support from Republican Party from outside. More so the state president of SP in MP, Gauri Shankar Yadav had claimed that his party was contesting 187 out of 230 seats. While CPI, CPM and Samanta Dal were contesting on 40 seats none could open account in MP. Samajwadi Party had contested 187 in 2008 had won only one seat. In Delhi, SP contested 70 seats but could not win a single seat. While the performance of BSP in four states was better then SP but its tally was reduced to half as compared to seats won 2008. BSP won four seats in MP, three in Rajasthan and one in Chhattisgarh and none in Delhi. So BSP’s tally stands at eight against 17 in 2008 polls.

In 2008, BSP had emerged as third largest party 2008, but this time it could not open its account. Although BSP supremo Mayawati had campaigned in all the constituencies but it was not of help as voters broke the caste barriers.

 Prominent political analyst Ramesh Dixit said the manner in which SP, BSP and other left parties failed in these elections, it was also defeat of third front. He further said that the results established that people wanted credible faces as candidates having good image.

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