Harry Styles, Mick Jagger toast friendship

One Direction band singer Harry Styles and the Rolling Stone legend Mick Jagger have found new unlikely friendship.

Styles was invited to join Jagger at a party for the band during their recent tour and the former is said to have ‘taken a shine’ to Styles, reports

Styles has in the past already made it clear he's a big fan of Jagger's work, and following the event where they met, Jagger described him and his fellow bandmates as ‘lovely young lads.’

‘Harry made it clear he was a huge fan of Mick but never expected he'd take any notice. But people kept telling Mick how much Harry looked like a younger version of him so he started to investigate One Direction,’ said a source. ‘Mick's not a massive fan of their music because he's a rocker to the core, but he thinks they're lovely young lads and took a shine to Harry. He invited him to a special party during the Stones' tour and they instantly hit it off,’ the source added.

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