Harrison Ford visits Rio de Janeiro

US actor Harrison Ford visited the Babilonia favela, or shantytown, in Rio de Janeiro to become more familiar with a housing program for families currently living in a nearby environmental preservation area.

The actor who played Indiana Jones was accompanied by his wife, actress Calista Flockhart, and their son Liam.

The program consists of 177 residences in the nearby favelas of Babilonia and Chapeu Mangueira, both of them close to the famous Copacabana beach, and has a budget of 52.4 million reais ($26.3 million), according to municipal government figures.

The building visited by Ford contains 16 apartments that will allow residents to make use of rainwater and will also have Venetian blinds for better ventilation and lighting, along with individual water and gas meters, as well as good heating and acoustic insulation.

The apartments will be occupied by favela residents who will have to abandon the nearby environmental protection area where they currently live.

The Ford-Flockhart family visited the project after enjoying carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro.
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