Hard work matters in B-town, feels Jackie

Many would believe that ‘Betrayal is Survival’, the tagline of Jacqueline Fernandez’s Race 2, truly reflects the cut-throat competition and survival mantra in the Hindi film industry, but the Sri Lankan-born actress says hard work and honesty can do wonders.

‘It is a very competitive industry. They say that if you want to survive here, you have to be cut-throat. But I don’t see a need for that. Sometimes I feel that hard work works. If you want to sleep well at night it is better if you just be an honest person,’ said Jacqueline.

Personally, she feels it is better to forgive and forget than hold a grudge against anyone. ‘I think betrayal is a part and parcel of life and I think we all have experienced it. But I am someone who doesn’t believe in holding grudges. I am someone who forgives and forgets. I think it is important,’ she said.

Creating a place for herself was not easy, says Jacqueline.

‘It is a little bit difficult when you have come from outside. I feel that the industry embraces people who are from the industry faster and with wider arms. But once you have proved yourself, it is easier for them to accept you,’ she said.
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