Happy Hangover

It is the season of the year that every Bengali heart looks forward to. The few days of divine happiness. The days when Maa Durga arrives with her kids for her yearly visit to her baaper bari. 

How we long to enjoy every moment of this time of the year. The special time when even the darkest corners of the city would look bright and marvellous. The unhealthy roadside food would taste extra delicious. The chaos and clutter of the roads wouldn’t make the city frown. It is the season of unity. The magic of the festival casts its spell on all.

Yet, like all good things come to an end, we are almost on the last few pages of the autumnal celebration. It’s never easy to say goodbye. It’s forever difficult to let go. A torn and tattered feeling engulfs us everytime when we witness a bisharjan. 

After Dashami there would be a feeling of void in each soul around. When Maa sets out on her journey back home, it leaves us all a bit dented. The regular life would suddenly pull everyone back to the ordinary. Struggle for existence will continue to be the surviving mantra. Back to basics would lead to gloom.

The hangover of the few days of unlimited masti will last for the next few days. While the city will slowly crawl into its regular schedule, preparations for Lakshmi Puja, Diwali, Kali Pujo and Bhai Phota would start in full swing. 

It’s as if, Maa Durga leaves only to leave behind a temporary numbness. She ensures that the next few weeks are packed with lights and lighter moments.

That’s the way to mould the heart and move on. Durga Puja might end soon yet the festive feeling is a prolonged one. We will surely immerse in other celebrations to keep the adrenaline pumping. Try our best to wipe the clouds that shroud the mind, heart and soul.   Happiness is a state of mind and may the Divine bless us with hangovers that keep us forever happy!

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