Halle criticises Twitter user

Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry hit back at a Twitter user who harshly labelled her breasts ‘lopsided” when she appeared on a TV show.

The 49-year-old took part on Jimmy Kimmel Live! host’s best-known segments, Mean Tweets, where she read out one that was all about her chest. Berry, 49, looked fabulous in a sheer and high-necked <g data-gr-id="11">top</g> but her attire did not go well with one of the viewers, who posted online, ‘Halle Berry’s boobs are lopsided.’ 

The actor immediately hit back, saying, “Well, when they’re real, that happens.” Other celebrities to take part in the stint included Tobey Maguire and Naomi Watts. Berry’s latest appearance comes after she admitted in an interview that it’s much harder for women above 40, like herself, to get work.
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