Haider depicts Kashmir in 1995: Vishal Bhardwaj

The 49-year-old director says it was with the help of Basharat, the author of Curfewed Night, an eyewitness account of the Kashmir conflict, that he could manage to complete his Shakespearean trilogy.

The director has set his adaptation of Hamlet against the unrest in the Valley. ‘I had a great working experience with Basharat, who is the writer of Haider. This is the first time I have worked with a journalist. I have imagined a lot about Kashmir, but the Kashmir of 95 I could only see through Basharat's eyes,’ said Bhardwaj at the launch of his books Maqbool, Omkara and Haider. He also thanked his past script collaborators Abbas Tyrewala, who penned Maqbool and Robin Bhatt and Abhishek Chaubey, co-writers of Omkara.

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