Gwen back with No Doubt

For singer Gwen Stefani, reuniting with American rock band No Doubt after 11 years feels like coming home.

The 42-year-old singer admits that working together is more fun than doing solo albums.

‘There’s nothing that compares to being in a band with your best friends you’ve known all these years. Playing live is so automatic and so electric. That whole period when I got to do [solo] records, to me it was indulging my theatrical side... songs that were never really meant to be taken seriously, just for fun,’ quoted Stefani as saying.

‘It was just a project I did that was very inspired, and it kind of got a little out of control, really. But there’s no place like home; we’re so comfortable together, we understand each other. It feels, like, normal. Whereas that [solo] period felt like I was trying to be something, and play a role, and pretend,’ she added.
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