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'Green reports of mining firms full of false data'

An international human rights organisation has said the environment impact assessment (EIA) reports submitted by iron ore mining firms in India are 'full of false data' and they should be reviewed.

'Existing environmental clearances of all mining projects should be reviewed. The EC [environment clearance] is granted based on the EIAs which are prepared by consultants and are full of false data,' Human Rights Watch [HRW] said.

The observations have been made in a report, Out of Control: Mining, Regulatory Failure and Human Rights in India, released by HRW here on Thursday.

While giving approvals for new mining operations, the central government should also review the data underpinning existing mine clearance, it said.

'If the EIA report underpinning a mine clearance is found to contain false information, the government should use its power to revoke the clearance and shut down the mine, forcing it to reapply for environmental clearance.'

Chris Albin-Lackey, Senior Researcher, Business and Human Rights Division, HRW, said the mining is one industry which has incredible capacity of destruction.

'Human right violations and environment damage is almost every day affair. People are seeing their livelihood threatened and land damaged.' 

HRW said during its research in the mining-affected states, including Goa, Karnataka and Odisha, it found that human right violation issues are not related to the illegal mining alone but even genuine mines are violating them.

Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia Director at HRW, claimed that mining operations often cause immense destruction when government does not exercise proper oversight.

The HRW will submit the report to state and central governments and follow its implementation.
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