GPS in autos fail to work

The GPS system, which was installed in all new auto rickshaws in the capital, is not functioning properly. The panic button, which was installed in the system with a motive of serving as a safety button in case the  commuters faced any harassment or inconvenience while travelling, is also not functioning.

At present, around 11,600 auto rickshaws have been installed with the GPS system. The irony is that none of them are functional.

When further investigated, auto rickshaw drivers  said, ‘It’s the transport department that has blocked this service, keeping in mind the inconvenience caused. Many times, commuters and mainly children misuse the panic button by pressing it unnecessarily. But if the Transport department had to block this service, then what was the need to install it?’

Sunita Jha, a south Delhi resident, said, ‘The Delhi government and the Transport department have pledged to take care of the safety of women in the capital by installing GPS and deploying CISF guards in Metro and DTC buses. But eventually the results are zero, which is quite evident from the fact that the GPS installed panic button is not functioning.’

According to sources, the Transport department and Delhi police have still not been able to decide who would take the initiative to reach the spot when any such case is reported.

Another issue about the Transport Department which came to the fore is that the Passenger Information Boards (PIS) are also not functioning.

PIS Boards were installed by the Transport department on almost all Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes in the capital to facilitate commuters by saving their time and to notify them about the arrival of the next bus and expected time etc. They were also found to be  non-functional. Be it in any part of the capital, one cannot find the information which is required to be flashed on the display boards at the BRT bus stands.

Ashish Rawat, a daily bus commuter, said, ‘This PIS board has failed to help us save time. All that is flashed on these boards flash is ‘Welcome to BRT bus service’, which doesn’t serve any purpose.’
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