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'Govt should allow foreign law firms to come to India'

What are the options for students pursuing law in our country?
Law in NLUD is a professional degree course, opening an ample amount of options for students. In the last few years, we have had many students who are appearing in the civil service examinations. I believe that in the next 10 years, many more law graduates will appear in various government exams. Very few go to litigation though judicial services and NGO or private practices are also good options.

Do you think there is a need for more law firms in our country?
We have some very good law firms in India, which are as good as international law companies. However, we need law firms from the international market so that they can bring in a more ethical and corporate environment. This will ensure that the quality of lawyers improves and usher better legal ethics. I think that the government should also allow foreign firms into India.

What is lacking in the current legal system of the country?
We are lacking everywhere — the legal system of India does not have any discipline in work ethics or in other dependent systems. One of the biggest flaws is the deficiency in accountability, reliability, transparency apart from lack of discipline. If any nation is not disciplined towards its people, jobs and responsibilities towards society, then it will not grow.

Why does the government not allow law teachers to practice law?
We are a strange country. We have not yet acknowledged the role of a teacher in society. Our country has Article 124 where a person can be appointed as a part of the jury; in other countries academics come forward to fulfill their duties. In our country, we talk about abiding by our Constitution but then again where is Article 124? Our High Court or Supreme Court do not have any law faculty member working as a part of a jury. It is disappointing. We need change.

Looking at the recent judgment for heinous crime committed by a juvenile given by court, do you think juvenile law needs amendment?
We have become unnecessarily populist. A lot of people induce the young to commit crimes; this way we are encouraging juvenile criminal activities.  For heinous crimes, concessions should not be given behind 16 years of age.

When a series of crimes are committed by a juvenile like rape, alleged murder or seriously injuring the victim, the legal system has to be strict in punishment like in the USA. When a series of crimes are committed by someone, he or  she is not given the death penalty but is liable to serve 300 years in jail. This makes sense rather than letting a juvenile go free within three years. I believe the law has to make it clear to society that nonsense will not be tolerated.
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