Govt school principals, edu officials mull upgradation

In a bid to upgrade existing schools and make new government schools, a meeting was held between almost 110 government school principals and government education officials at Thyagraj Stadium on Wednesday.

According to Delhi government official sources, the meeting was attended by the Education Minister Manish Sisodia, Secretary of Education Department, Punya S Srivastava and Director of Education, Padmini Singla.

“The principals were asked to come up with their vision for upgradation of government schools. In total 110 principals submitted their proposals to the ministry of education with their ideas,” said a senior officer.

According to Delhi government survey reports, “the government schools faced <g data-gr-id="26">shortage</g> of teachers and lacked clean drinking water and toilets facilities. Besides, its facilities for computer education were almost non-existent. Discussions were held on ways to improve the infrastructure, upgrade the teaching standards, curriculum support and other ways for <g data-gr-id="24">betterment</g> of the schools,” Singla said.

She added that the meeting was a significant step towards making principals an important stakeholder in the process of improving government schools, and making education policy formation a two-way process, instead of a top-down approach.

The next meeting would be held to start the pilot project for improving schools. The pilot project would be run in selected schools for a year and then based on the results and the feedback; the project would be extended to more schools in the following year.
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