Govt plans launching of web portal to cater to tourism needs

The tourism ministry is all set to launch an online portal which focuses on personalising your travel in India. This website which will be incorporated on the ministry’s official Incredible India page will offer the traveller ( be it an Indian or foreigner) to choose their destination and accordingly opt for their mode of travel and place to stay.

A brainchild of the ministry, this initiative aims to make travel easy and comfortable for anyone travelling anywhere for any reason in India. The ministry is tying up with a Bangalore based firm for this initiative.

This will be an automated holiday planner offering detailed information of the destinations one would like to visit, the activities that one could opt for there and interestingly the portal would also real time prices for travel. The idea is to make the experience of planning your travel less cumbersome, fun and hassle-free.

After you chart out your travel plans with all their details, this website allows you to share your travel plan with a co-traveller through social media - facebook and twitter. Similar to how one can edit on google docs, one will be able to view the proposed travel plans and make changes online to it. If people have already the visited the destination you have selected, then their names will appear on the web-page (linked to your social media account). You can interact with them regrading their experience of the place and ask for recommendations.

From the money point of view, this web portal will offer choices as well. Whether you want a luxury or economical travel experience. There will also be a component including the energy spent as per the travellers convenience – whether you want to rest or indulge in activities during your stay.

It also provides one with a scale tool where you can choose your hotel according to your budget, where you can increase or decrease as per your monetary limit. You can further go ahead and customize it with if or not you want  a hotel with wi-fi facility in it. There are varied such options which will be provided to make your travel experience a delightful one.

This web-page will also offer alternate routes to the place you want to visit. You can modify your mode of transport as well. Be it by air, road (car or bus), rail or ship – all options will be provided to the traveller. Top 240 destinations of the country are available on this portal which has been able to store nearly 1000 plus destinations on its web-page. There will also be photographs and videos of the location you choose available. The ministry also plans to incorporate articles on every destination to be uploaded on the website as well. A formal announcement by the ministry for launching this portal is expected by the end of April or early next month.
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