Govt in complete policy paralysis: BJP

With GDP growth in India hitting a new low of 5.3 per cent, primary opposition BJP on Thursday used the opportunity to target the government accusing it of being in a state of 'complete policy paralysis' and questioned the economist Prime Minister for the mess.

'Sometimes one has a doubt whether it is the same Manmohan Singh who is credited with the reforms? When he was Finance Minister in the Narasimha Rao government, it was Rao who took the bold decisions. Singh has failed miserably to improve the economy as Prime Minister,' BJP spokesperson Javadekar said.

The BJP alleged that while corruption and inflation have gone up during the United Progressive Alliance rule, value of the rupee has come down.

'The growth in Indian economy has been so slow. In the last quarter the GDP growth was just 5.3 per cent though the government had promised that it will be 7 per cent... This is a horrible situation. It is a slowdown government and there is complete policy paralysis,' Javadekar said. BJP maintained that India's growth story of 9.5 per cent earlier was entreprenuer driven.

'There are differences between the coalition partners of the UPA as well as internal differences in the government. This is hurting India's growth story. Unemployment is increasing. UPA government is responsible for this mess and is a reflection of its policy paralysis,' Javadekar said.
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