Google violating norms: BJP MP Tarun Vijay

Accusing search engine giant Google of violating Indian norms for showing strategic locations of the country, BJP Rajya Sabha member Tarun Vijay on Saturday demanded prime minister’s intervention into the matter. ‘This is a matter of grave and very serious security threat to the country.

Google India is violating Indian norms, our constitutional position on mapping and, in serious violation of defence norms and instructions Google is showing all military installations,’ Vijay told reporters here.

He said ‘They are showing nuclear reactors, our fighter jet hangers; what is more serious is- it is marking them- thus facilitating enemies with an actionable intelligence.’

‘....Google is showing all our military installations and our nuclear reactors with proper marking,’ Vijay said.

All other mapping agencies had to get permission from the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Home Affairs, he said adding, ‘but Google has not got any permission from MOD and MHA.’

Vijay said with the approval of Government of India, the Surveyor General of India has filed a complaint with the police in New Delhi against Google India alleging it has violated Indian laws on mapping and thus has jeopardised the Indian security.
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