‘Global warming causing extreme weather in U’khand’

She said, ‘The impact of global warming is very much visible in Uttarakhand. The state is witnessing extreme weather conditions in the year due to global warming factor.’

‘During monsoons, rivers take devastating shapes in the form of floods and trigger landslides in the vulnerable areas, and during summers, rivers dry-up as sources of water are depleting in the last few years. Our snow-fed rivers are on the verge of extinction, as our insatiable appetite for exploiting natural resources for materialistic gains has gone beyond control,’ the environmentalist added.

‘We are trying to rule over nature, which is not practical from any angle. The recent high impact natural disaster has proved that there are some definite patterns and working conditions of nature.

And, we try to disturb it, the consequences will be disastrous.  We are also part of nature, and there should be perfect harmony between man and nature,’ she said at her Rajpur Road residence, while talking on various issues of environment.

Considering the fragile mountains of our states, we need small dams, which work with the harmony of nature. Big dams are devils that can devour large population in single blow. Blasting for dams should be discouraged as it triggers landslides in the vulnerable mountains and also dry up water resources. If that does not stop, climate migration will increase as people will leave dangerous zones for their safety. And, the result will be deserted mountain villages with no caretakers of agricultural lands.

Famous environmentalist and social activist Vandana Shiva said at her residence at Rajpur Road, while talking on various issues of environment.
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