Glad more women-centric films are being made

Actor Arjun Kapoor feels interesting roles are being written for female actors. “They keep asking about women-oriented films. I like to put it this way that nice characters are written for actresses than saying that <g data-gr-id="58">women oriented</g> films are being made,” Arjun told reporters.

“That is a new way of <g data-gr-id="60">conversation</g> but this (roles for women) has been there for many years. Women characters on-screen have become fantastic,” the 30-year-old actor said.

The <g data-gr-id="59">Gunday</g> actor was speaking on the sidelines of the launch of Me, Mia, Multiple penned by Debashish Irengbam. Noted writer-lyricist Javed Akhtar was also present at  the event.

“Our industry has now realised the value of good writers. There was a phase where <g data-gr-id="91">lot</g> of things got lost, we tried to put in masala ingredients into cinema and there were <g data-gr-id="50">lot</g> of things that went haywire. But I do see <g data-gr-id="90">lot</g> of things will change,” he said.

Before becoming an actor <g data-gr-id="54">Arjun</g> said he did try writing as he wanted to become a director.
“I tried writing because I wanted to be a <g data-gr-id="63">director</g> but I wasn't good at it. My mind ran faster than my hands could as I thought of too many things. I wanted to encompass everything into one. I realised that I am not good at it. I did not dwell on it again,” he added. 

Arjun does think there are novels that can be turned into feature films and it is <g data-gr-id="57">time</g> the Indian film industry explores this. 

“Today Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter have turned into films. India needs visionaries like that not only to write it but execute it as well. There are so many ideas that exist in our mythology,” he said.

The actor added that he does not like reading books. 

“I have never had the appetite to read novels. But I can read scripts. I had not read Two States also. I did not want to read it to get influenced,” he said. 
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