Give me a chance for 60 months to serve the nation, urges Modi

Speaking at the national council meeting of BJP, party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi While calling for a Federal Democracy and urged the people to give him a chance for 60 months to serve the nation. He said, ‘The Delhi people think that they are giving us doles but that is not how we will handle the federal structure. Time has come when state and centre and its bureaucracy should work together for nation’s development.’ 

He promised to bring back all the black money stashed in foreign banks by forming a task force and a special court to book all involved in it.

Modi has suggested rainbow strategy, which includes strengthening the youth, preserve land, forests, empower women, water and innovate its use. ‘We have to change our outlook towards women as just homemakers, we must look at them as nation builders,’ he said.

On the context of youth Modi claimed that 65 per cent population of the country is below 35 years and they are assets of our country. ‘It is unfortunate that drugs and narcotics are taking away their bright future. If we come to power there will be zero tolerance against this menace, with its root in the foreign countries,’ the BJP prime ministerial candidate said. 

Modi, who always expresses his concern about booth level management in most of his recent speech, said, ‘The victory in elections takes birth in every polling booth. It is our duty to worry about every polling booth.’

On dream vision on how India should be by 2020, Modi said, ‘We should develop the concept twin city concept. Like New York-New Jersey. We can benefit from it. The education, healthcare, agriculture, IT, empowerment to farmers etc should be achieved at par with the other developed countries. There should be 100 smart cities based on concept and technology. These are necessary because of the fast changing global scenario.’

He said, ‘It is unfortunate that nearly 20,000 MW plants and several coal mines are close. Can’t we dream of Power on Demand. Why can’t every state have an IIM and IIT and AIIMS. It is possible but that need good governance.’

While hitting out at the worst condition of Indian Railways, Modi, said, ‘See what China and Japan has done with their railways. They have introduced bullet trains and involved in lots of researched based on railway technology. There is an urgent need for a Railway University where everything related to railways including technology will be taught to the youths for their further research. Strengthening the railways is important for India’s growth. There should be a Diamond freight corridor.’

While saying that terrorism divides, tourism unites, In health sector we should address wellness rather sickness.

Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj on Sunday took a dig at the Congress for not announcing their prime ministerial candidate ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, claiming the decision has little to do with the party’s tradition, and is more out of “fear” at losing the polls. 

Swaraj said the BJP, under the leadership of Narendra Modi, looked poised to win more than 272 seats needed for clear majority in the Lok Sabha. The BJP leader predicted that the Congress will face a drubbing, similar to the one it faced in the recently concluded assembly elections.

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