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Giriraj Singh faces women’s ire for ‘dehati aurat’ slur

A group of women landed at the residence of BJP leader Giriraj Singh on Monday in protest against his casual use of phrase ‘dehati aurat’ (rustic woman) to describe Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar’s criticism of Narendra Modi.

Giriraj had said Nitish was behaving like a ‘dehati aurat’ and quarreling with Modi out of ‘jealousy’ after the latter alluded to the BJP PM candidate’s foray into the state as ‘garbage dumped into the state’.

The placard-carrying women demonstrated outside Giriraj’s 15 Circular Road residence in Patna and slammed him for the ‘humiliating description of rural women’.

A woman leading the protest said that she was with the JD (U), the party that rules Bihar and is at loggerheads with the BJP since the two allies parted ways on 16 June over Modi’s rise in the BJP.
The cornered minister, however, said Bihar food minister Shyam Rajak had sponsored the demonstration ‘at the behest of you know who’.

He said policemen were present on the spot but did nothing to stop the protesters from entering the VVIP area in which his official residence is located.

‘This is taking the political discourse in Bihar to a new low,’ the Narendra Modi acolyte said.
But Rajak described the protest as ‘spontaneous’ and denied he had anything to do with it.
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