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Get more security instead of crying publicly, says Rajnath over Rahul Gandhi's assassination remark

BJP president Rajnath Singh, at a rally in Patna, said that if Rahul Gandhi is so scared of assassination, he should get more security instead of crying in front of the citizens. But the star performer at the rally was the BJP's prime ministerial candidate for 2014 Lok Sabha polls, Narendra Modi.

At the rally, Modi spent a part of his long speech to explain why he has christened Rahul Gandhi a shehzada. Modi also said that he would stop using shehzada for Rahul Gandhi if he and his party stopped practicing dynasty politics.

Last week, at a rally in Rajasthan, the Gandhi scion blamed the BJP for divisive politics and said, 'Hatred killed my grandmother, my father, maybe it'll kill me. I don't care.'  

A day later, the Prime Minister reacted to that statement.  

'I and all sane persons should be worried about the politics of hate which is now sweeping the country... the government will take all possible precautions that this threat (to Rahul Gandhi's life) does not materialise,' PM Manmohan Singh told reporters.

Modi calls Nitish opportunist for splitting with BJP

Modi accused Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of 'opportunism' for splitting with the BJP earlier this year. But he made no mention of a series of blasts in Patna on Sunday, that left five people dead and over 70 injured, in his speech.

In a tweet after the rally, he said, 'Blasts in Patna are deeply saddening & unfortunate. Condolences with families of deceased & prayers with injured. I appeal for peace & calm.'

Six of these blasts happened at the venue of his Hunkar rally, minutes before he arrived on stage.

Modi seemed unfazed as he ripped into Nitish Kumar and said that the man who could not stick with Jai Prakash Narain  would not stay with the BJP as well. He called JD(U)'s split with BJP a betrayal by the former of the nation. He added that Nitish Kumar was told by his associates to align with the Congress if he wanted to become India's PM.

Modi also accused the Bihar CM of hypocrisy and recounted an incident where both of them shared the same table but the latter refused to eat even after the food was being served.

For many years, Bihar was declared off-limits for Modi by Nitish Kumar, as he sought to distance himself from the Gujarat CM after the Godhra riots in 2002, in which over a thousand people were killed, most of them Muslims.
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