Gang kills two senior citizens in two incidents

Two elderly women were stabbed to death in separate incidents after the same group of assailants barged into their houses for the purpose of robbery in Delhi's Rohini area on the wee hours of Tuesday. The incidents were reported within half an hour of their occurrence to the police. The police suspect the involvement of a gang of three robbers in the incidents.

'After targeting a house in Pocket G and stabbing Shanti Devi, 65, [the assailants] moved to another house in pocket D, where Reshma Rani, 67, was sleeping on the ground floor. The women were stabbed to death when they tried to foil the robbery attempts in their houses,' said B S Jaiswal, the deputy commissioner of police of outer Delhi.

Devi, who was stabbed by the robbers around 1.45 am on Tuesday, was declared dead in Jaipur Golden Hospital in Rohini, while Rani, who was found stabbed at her daughter's house just after 20 minutes of the first incident, was declared dead in Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Hospital.

In the first incident, the robbers entered the four-storied building of Devi and held her hostage at knife point. The victim lived at the ground floor with her husband Bishan Lal and their younger son Bhim Singh. Her four other sons live on other floors of the house. Both Lal and Singh came to rescue Devi but could not help. Singh was also injured in the incident.

In the other incident, Rani, who had been living at her daughter's three-storied house, was found stabbed inside it. She lived on the ground floor, while her daughter and other members of the familylived on other floors. They came down when they heard the commotion, but the robbers had fled by then.

'It was the handy work of the same gang of robbers in both the incidents, as a purse missing from first spot was found at Rani's house. A case regarding the incident has been registered and the police have detained three persons so far,' said Jaiswal.
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