Gaga afraid of classmates

Singer Lady Gaga is still in touch with some people from her formative years, and still gets nervous about her appearance whenever she has to meet up with her former classmates.

‘I am throwing my best friend an engagement party this weekend, and I’m going to be seeing all these girls from school, and I would be totally lying to you if didn’t say I was worried about how I’m going to look,’ quoted Gaga as saying.

‘I was saying earlier, I have to look fabulous, I have to look absolutely amazing, some of them were horrible to me!,’ she said.

‘I think people are just, for no reason, wretched to each other all the time, and I don’t think they use clothes or men or perfume or make-up or anything more than they use anything else.We should all make an effort to be nice to one another all the time,’ she said.
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