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Funds to Uttar Pradesh vanish before reaching people: Rahul

Claiming that SP and BSP neglected UP during the last 25 years of their rule while Congress brought development to the states which voted for it, he said, ‘Your dreams are small, dream big’.

‘You are asking for less. Demand industrialisation and jobs. You do not lack anything. Ask them to bring Bangalore and Delhi to Bundelkhand.... We will take Bundelkhand forward, but for that the vision should be wide. Strengthen Congress and we will bring change.’

Addressing a party rally here, the Congress vice-president said, ‘The central government sent Rs 3,000 crore package for the development of backward region of Bundelkhand from the Centre, but its benefit did not reach the people’.

‘Congress government is sending thousands of crores of rupees for development, for roads. But it doesn’t reach here’, he added.

‘It disappears. The day you bring bring Congress government, the work we are doing in Rajasthan, Kerala, Maharashtra and other states, we will be able to do it in Uttar Pradesh,’ he said.

He alleged that the state government was not extending benefit of central schemes and accused it of stalling the implementation of the food security scheme.

Gandhi said that Congress brought the Food Security Act to ensure that no one is left hungry but the opposition parties including BJP said it was useless.

‘In UP, where it is most needed and specially in Bundelkhand, the state government does not want to implement it before Lok Sabha elections.

‘Will hunger occur only after Lok Sabha elections? It is not happen in UP today. You create pressure on the government to implement it,’ he said.

Accusing SP government of failing to fulfill the promises it made when it came to power in 2012, the Congress leader said, ‘In last elections, SP promised that it would provide employment to all, but has every person got job. UP has great might, but it is getting wasted.’

He said that UP has a young CM and the state could be changed, but for that voice of Bundelkhand has to be heard. ‘Bundelkhand’s voice has reached Delhi, but not Lucknow,’ he said.

Comparing Bundelkhand with Congress-ruled Rajasthan, Gandhi said there was scarcity of water in the desert state like here but now it had taken a path towards industrialisation.

‘You go to Rajasthan and ask about the development, you will come to know as to how progress is made,’ he said.

He said that Congress government would develop industrial corridor between Delhi and Mumbai in which Rajasthan would also be connected and in the next five years maximum jobs would be generated in the state.
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