Friends mean the world to Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift says her friends are the most important people in her life right now. The 24-yr-old counts Lena Dunham, Lorde and Jaime King among her inner circle. And the close-knit group means a lot to her, reports ‘They are trustworthy and know me and like me for who I actually am,’ said Swift.  Swift's 1989 will be out soon and the singer says the new album is different. She has famously explored what she calls ‘crazy love’ in her past work. ‘Emotionally speaking, it's not a heartbreak record. My music is derived from what's happening in my personal life, and I haven't had my heart broken,’ the 24-year-old said. ‘When I'm deeply hurt by something, I usually respond by writing exactly how I feel about it in a song, but I just haven't been devastated in the last couple of years,’ added the young singer.
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