France lauds Modi’s ‘saffron revolution’ plan for energy

France on Tuesday hailed prime minister Narendra Modi’s ‘bold plan’ for a ‘saffron revolution’ aimed at making India a solar energy hub and offered its cooperation in the renewable energy sector.
‘France warmly welcomes prime minister Modi’s announcement of what he calls a saffron revolution to provide solar power to 400 million Indians,’ French Foreign minister Laurent Fabius said here.
Fabius, who is in India on a four-day visit, said, ‘this bold plan’ embodies the solutions that France is promoting in the run up to the crucial UN Climate Conference at the end of next year.

‘France welcomes the new government’s commitment to putting sustainability at the core of its planning process to bring down pollution and meet the challenges posed by climate destruction,’ said the French Foreign Minister, adding that his visit to India was to ‘deepen our dialogue regarding the climate change’ debate.

After taking over as prime minister, Modi had stressed on the need to promote renewable energy in the country. ‘Saffron colour represents energy and we need a saffron revolution that focuses on renewable energy sources such as solar energy to meet India’s growing energy demand,’ Modi had said last month.

Fabius praised Modi’s commitment to cleaning rivers and offered France’s cooperation in the endeavour through the Indo-French water network which was established last year. The French Foreign minister identified at least five areas of ‘possible complete cooperation’ between India and his country in the green sector spanning carbon-free energy with a stress on new technology, civilian nuclear energy, water and urban development.

France is ready to share the know-how to make existing or upcoming cities cleaner and more energy efficient, Fabius said. In order to boost cooperation, he announced the French government’s decision to propose a credit line of up to euros 1 billion over the next 3 years for sustainable infrastructure and urban development in India through the French development agency.
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