'Films are now products'

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur is upset how marketing and box office performance of a film are becoming the parameters of success rather than the film itself.

‘It’s sad that media focus on films all over the world these days is box office figures on opening weekend. Not the film,’ Kapur tweeted.

Citing the success of his 1983 film Masoom, he further wrote: ‘No one went to see 'Masoom' in first week of release. Empty halls. Picked up next week and was unstoppable. Today would be impossible to release a ‘Masoom'.

The 66-year-old says movies have sadly become ‘product of marketing hype more than artistic/story merit.’ ‘Production houses see films as disposable product with shelf life of one weekend, maximum two. We tried to make films to last a lifetime and beyond,’ he added.

Kapur, who made Mr India with Anil Kapoor and Sridevi in their initial days, has raised questions over the money minting attitude of current producers. ‘If we had worried about first weekend box office for Mr. India, the film would never have been made. Neither Anil or Sridevi were big stars,’ he wrote, and credited Boney Kapoor for the success of the 1987 classic. ‘The real star of Mr. India? Producer Boney Kapoor. Totally backed film despite being told how crazy it was, no producer with guts now,’ he added.
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