Your nine-to-dine corporate clothing guide

Keep your workplace attire and accessories effortless and simple. Here are some essentials tips and a clothing guide to go through before you start shopping for your corporate wardrobe

Nothing screams business better than a crisp suit, but for women, even workwear options are aplenty. Before you start shopping for your corporate wardrobe, there are some essentials you need to keep in mind.

"It is essential to dress appropriately at the workplace for an everlasting impression because individuals who dress shabbily are never taken seriously at work. It goes without saying that one should avoid wearing jeans, capris, shorts, T-shirts or short dresses to work. Make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you wear and follow a professional dress code," suggest fashion experts.

As per experts, these are some basic essentials to have in your wardrobe while working in any corporate environment:

Power Suit

A nicely cut suit is always a must. Be it skirts or pants, depending on your company's code of conduct, it needs to be crisp and sharp enough to make you look like the authority figure.


Always have that trusted blazer you could pull out in case of emergencies. A checked blazer will turn almost every outfit formal.

Basics colours

Always have basic black/blue/grey trousers and some pastel and solid dark shade tops in your wardrobe. Even black/blue and white combinations can be life-savers.

Checked or printed pants

When you want to try something different yet simple, go for checked pants with a solid colour top or

sweater. Adding a nice pair of solid colour sandals or shoes enhances the whole look.

High-waisted pencil skirts

This is the kind of trend which has been carried forward since the 70s. A shirt and a nicely cut high-waist pencil skirt have been a staple.

Denim with formal shirt and Blazer

For those "Casual Fridays" when you want to keep it light yet professional. A semi-formal shirt, jeans and casual shoes are never off the mark.

Layering with pants

Just add a simple coloured cardigan/scarf over your shirt and pants to elevate your look.


In case of accessories in the workplace, it is nice to keep effortless and simple. What can be a part of your ensemble – a handbag, a small pendant, a watch, delicate earrings.


The type of shoes you wear can make or break the look. Experiment with the type of heels. For office parties keep a trendy pair like alligator pumps or animal print to add to your style.

Experts say that formals are a fashion statement in itself, and has these tips for when you shop for corporate wear.

Understand your body type

The Indian body type is far curvier than other countries, and it can be tough for many women to fit in standard size chart. To ensure your workwear is comfortable, pick your perfect size by making it custom fit.

Finally, while it is crucial to be dressed for the part and be confident in what you wear, pay attention to

tailoring, quality, accessories and visual harmony. Having no hair out of place, smelling pleasant, shoes shined, clothes primed and nails trimmed, also speaks volumes for a person.

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