Witnesses the classical dance traditions of India

The 47th Khajuraho Dance festival was inaugurated by Vijaylaxmi Sadho, Culture Minister, Madhya Pradesh on February 20 and go on till February 26.

The seven-day dance festival is featuring Kathak, Odissi, Bharatanatyam, Manipuri, Kuchipudi and Satriya dance styles. Madhya Pradesh Government felicitated Kathak dancer Uma Sharma and acclaimed Sattriya dancer and guru, Jatin Goswami with Kalidasa Samman on the festival eve.

Talking about the festival Sadho said, "We feel very proud to honour these bona fide artists. Madhya Pradesh has a diverse culture and I believe that everyone should contribute to promote our cultural heritage." She also announced that Madhya Pradesh Culture Ministry will build the amphitheatre in Khajuraho to promote classical performing arts.

Khajuraho Dance festival is organised by the Ustad Allauddin Khan Sangeet Evam Kala Academy, Department of Culture- Madhya Pradesh. The annual week-long dance festival celebrates Indian classical dance of our rich cultural heritage and long legacy of these dance styles.

Chitragupta and Vishwanatha temple in Madhya Pradesh gives a breath taking backdrop setting to the audience at Khajuraho Dance Festival.

The audience has been captivated by the beautiful costume and dance performance of Jatin Gosvami's disciple. Second day of the festival started by the performance of Pujita Krishna, Vilashini Natyam on aananbhairavi raag aadi taal. Lata Munshi performed keertanam, mahamritunjay mantra and raag revati in aadi taal on the occasion of mahashivratri.

Khajuraho Temples came alive with opulence, grandeur, floodlights and hustle-bustle by the most spectacular and revered conclave of Indian classical dance along with the manifestation of art & cultural traditions of India.

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