Winter is on the way, time to get your home ready

Winter is around the corner, so just start prepping your abode by adding warmth for the seasonal change. Here are a few tips for you to consider to have a cozy space for this winter.

Use warmer tones of colours in the layers

- Warm colours like red, yellow and orange can be used in the textiles and accessories.

- Layer with accent colours such as deep red, oranges, gold, and browns.

- Elements that are easily changeable with the season are revamped to suit the theme.

Use thicker curtains

- Curtains with thick textiles such as wool, cotton, leather, and fleece are best for insulation of the windows

- These textiles are the best when used for their thickness yet they can be stylised so as not to lose the charm of the place.

Using rugs

- No matter what size of the room is, rugs can always alleviate the look of a place.

- Even the smallest of the rugs can bring a sense of coziness to a place.

Warm aromas in the room

- Put winter flowers that smell nice in bowls, to keep all the rooms feeling fresh and warm.

- You can also use some of the essential oils – cedar and sandalwood – to make the space feel like a cozy winter day.

Upgrade your displays

- This is the best time to put on display your favourite crochet works and cross-stitch pieces.

- Decorate your display racks with candles of various sizes and colours – they provide a warm light to the ambiance of the room.

- Throw pillows and comforters can be arranged in a stylish way across the room for a cozy feeling.

(Inputs by Sameer A M, Co founder & CEO of Bonito Designs)

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