Wicca: Dispelling myths and taboos about witchcraft

Wicca: Dispelling myths and taboos about witchcraft

Rashme Oberoi, who is an accomplished Wiccan, a healer and a divinator, is all set to present her book to the audience. Titled 'Wicca: A Magical Journey with Spells and Rituals', the book will be launched by Dr Shashi Tharoor on December 12.

"For those interested in alternative realities that go beyond the digital binaries of our contemporary lives, Rashme's book makes for compelling reading," opined Dr Tharoor in the foreword that he has given for the book.

Ajay Mago, publisher at 'Om Books International' said, "The book is all set to create waves as it dispels previously held taboos and myths about witchcraft."

Wicca is a practice that has developed and evolved over the centuries from pagan witchcraft to modern-day Wicca, wherein the Wiccan works magic through spells for the highest good without harming anyone. Wiccans are engaged in healing and bettering the circumstances of all those they are connected to and those who reach out to them.

In her book, Rashme has included her candid experiences on her path of Wicca and also included some case studies on how she has managed to salvage the life-threatening circumstances of some of her clients. She has also divulged the secrets of the spell work that she conducts in her sacred space.

Rashme began making predictions through tarot cards for clients roughly three decades ago when tarot was not known as an art of divination in India. Along the way, she learnt the Wiccan way of life, which is practising positive spells for manifesting wishes and desires for herself and her clients ranging from health and relationship to financial issues. She practices shamanic, pranic, crystal and chakra healings.

She used to host a weekly show on 'Zee TV' on tarot, dream interpretations and crystals for four years. Currently, she is hosting the weekly show for all sun signs on the digital platform of 'Zee TV'.

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