What Ayurveda suggests for getting slimmer

Looking to lose weight? Don't miss the traditional practices which can help us lose weight naturally and without any side effects. Ayurveda recommends a few spices and herbs that may aid in cutting fat and making you slimmer.

Kalonji: Also known as black seeds or black cumin, is used for weight loss, especially cutting belly fat. The seeds and oil extract of kalonji is used for obesity and weight loss.

Triphala: It is an herb that is prepared with 3 combined superfoods - Amala, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. Triphala helps in reducing the blood glucose level in people suffering from Type-2 diabetes. It also helps in reducing weight by detoxifying the digestive tract and fighting conspiration.

Methi: An important kitchen ingredient, fenugreek, aids the digestion system. It also helps in holding back food cravings and suppressing the appetite.

Punarnava: Also known as Boerhavia diffusa, it is a flowering plant that is famous for its effective weight loss properties. It has diuretic elements that help the kidney and urinary bladder to process better. This helps in removing toxins from body without any loss of essential minerals.

Dalchini: Cinnamon is known for stimulating metabolism.

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