Welcome lavender into your daily routine

For all those people who believe in home remedies, Lavender and its extracts have become a solution for their health as well as beauty problems

Have you ever wondered what made Lavendula, commonly known as lavender, the most widely used and relished flowering plants all over the world?

An alluring purple flower, a member of the mint family having a sweet floral aroma, Lavender has been in use for centuries. The charming flower's healing properties were discovered more than 2,500 years ago. Regarded as a holy herb, it's medicinal attributes were first experimented by the ancient Greeks. The wonders of lavender were also experienced by the Romans and Egyptians, starting from vivid use in daily lifestyle to mummification and perfumery. Queen Elizabeth I also embraced lavender in her daily regimen, reaping its benefits to the fullest.

The magical plant is cherished to be the best natural remedy for a number of health and beauty problems.For people who stay away from chemical based products and the ones who believe in home remedies, Lavender has become a solution for all their health as well as beauty problems.

Also known as one of the leading essential oils used in aromatherapy, lavender has gained extensive popularity all over the globe.For the ones who wishes to rejuvenate and revitalize by reconnecting with nature's gifts, here are '5 interesting ways:

Bid adieu to skin irritations

Lavender oil acts as a life saviour when it comes to skin irritations. Be it acne, eczema, dry or itchy skin, the oil has become a boon owing to its anti-fungal, anti-inflammation, antioxidant and hydration properties. The oil also has healing properties that are beneficial in soothing wounds, cuts and burns.

A sound sleep awaits you

Adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bed linen or a diffuser is a common remedy for treating insomnia. Peaceful sleep is what one longs for after a tiring day. While our mind is stressed, it gets difficult to fall asleep. Lavender improves the overall sleeping cycle by calming the mind, body and soul making you fall in love with its magical powers.

Calmness and peace is what you need

We must understand the need to revitalize ourselves and have a cheerful mind. Lavender acts as an excellent mood enhancer and uplifts your soul in no time. It is favoured for its stress-relieving and anti-depressant attributes letting one feel calm and peaceful and be able to control anxiety. It also plays an important role in soothing the effects of PMS in women making them feel happy and serene.

Get instant pain relief

The lavender essential is said to reduce migraine and headaches, serving instant relief on topical application or inhalation. It directly reaches the muscles promoting sore muscle relaxation and healing, making its analgesic attribute to be true. It also helps in treating cuts,bruises and burns promoting its power of cell rejuvenation.

Your home gets a new fragrance

Last but not least, who would say no to a beautiful and soothing aroma for their happy place? Well, the lavender essential oil acts as a wonderful air freshener with its light pleasant fragrance and also helps in keeping unwanted bugs at bay.

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