Ways to deal with coronavirus anxiety

To successfully tackle any condition all efforts need to be on every holistic level – mind body and soul. With fears of coronavirus rising, anxiety is a natural side effect. But we can beat it. Experts shares few


On the mental front: Breathe, Breathe, and Breathe! The importance and effectiveness of breathing in these trying times is unparalleled. It not only keeps the lungs strong, but infuses the brain with oxygen, and goes a long way in calming anxiety. Five minutes of being able to go into the quiet spaces of your mind can really help balance out anxiety, and connect us to our higher source energy.

Bach flower remedies: These are simple flower essence remedies that are proving extremely effective in balancing anxiety. For the body practicing basic calming yoga poses in anxious times also really help.

They keep the blood circulation going, calm the nerves, balance hormones that could go out of whack due to stress, and open up the energy flow in the body.

Inverted yoga poses like headstand, handstands, shoulder stand, and bridge gushes blood into the brain and a release of wonderful relaxing endorphins in our system. Warm fluids, lemon water, and certain ayurvedic herbs can strengthen our immunity, and alkalise our systems. The more alkaline our bodies, the more we are equipped to battle


Energy shielding: Energy healing is gaining great popularity globally as everyone is beginning to recognise how everything in our world is made up of energy. It's another tool in your arsenal in the fight against


If you're reluctant to reach out to anyone, and it still feels like a bit too voodoo for your system a simple technique to follow anywhere anytime for anyone including loved ones is to visualse yourself or any other person immersed in a white pyramid of light. This infused the energy system with a healing protective white light.

Above all it's important that while we follow government regulations, and keep our social distancing, we use this time for self-balancing and healing, staying calm in the eye of the storm is what can take us from ordinary beings to

extraordinary beacons of


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