Way to his heart is through his stomach

Eating together makes room for deep conversations, oodles of laughter and hours of reminiscing. Why not surprise your partner with a dining experience they will remember for years to come. Experts share their tips and tricks to help you get the table styling right for that perfect occasion.

Get Table-Smart

Going the contemporary route is something you can't go wrong with. A dining table made of solid wood, coated with a white oak finish makes a stunning start. Your cutlery and accessories should have the same tone and should exude care. Use ceramics to create an earthy look and play with textures like grainy or chunky to add an artistic touch. Play with different sizes of serve-wear ranging from small to tiny and plate artistically, to elevate your dining experience.

Pick an Innovative Set-up

If you want a more intimate and offbeat experience, why not dine at your coffee table. You could even create a picnic set up in your living room with a classy rug and cushions in pastel pink shades. Add some heart shaped placemats that not only adds to the feel, but also avoids staining the rug. Ensure you have got the perfect lights and you are all set for a perfect, intimate and romantic evening.

Choose right table Decor

There is something about eating a meal at the table with your partner.The vibrant reds and soft blush hues instantly warm up any space and put a smile on everyone's face. Add lots of candles and fairy lights too. Don't go over the top and keep it simple, yet tasteful. When it comes to fabric, do not be afraid to play around with textures.

Style Sustainably

Dried twigs make great napkin rings, you can even layout a linen table runner and style it with paper flowers. Coffee beans work well to give a soothing aroma. Books also make a great statement. Stack up a few books and tie them up with a jute string. Place this bundle on your dining table and a few candles around to give it a vintage vibe. To avoid candle wax spilling everywhere, use fairy lights or LED candles. Make sure that you can reuse most of the things your layout and stay as organic as possible.

Last and certainly not the least and make sure you whip up a light meal so you can have a romantique night.

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