Wandering Connections: A journey of heritage

Wandering Connections: A journey of heritage

Known for organising unique and eye-catching exhibitions, the India International Centre is back with yet another exhibition. Titled 'Wandering Connections', it consists of paintings and mixed media on paper by Madan Meena. It's a visual expression of an artists' journey as he carefully makes connections with the world around him through his imagery.

Through this exhibition, the artist wants to celebrate the connections between artists. His work is a collaboration with celebrated artists like Lukman and Waseem from Kota in Rajasthan.

Wandering is the grammar that artist Madan Meena abides by in his artistic language. It's not wandering in vain - it's always a journey to make connections between heritage, culture, craft and people. The more he wanders, the more connections he makes. These connections manifest as maps, lines, motifs and intricate artworks.

The 'Barahmasa' series is his own interpretation of the classic series, where seasons are used as metaphors for the emotions of the 'nayak' and the 'nayika'. Madan takes the animals and plants from the landscape and makes them the focus. Like emotions, the motifs of animals and plants change with each season. The motifs used are important discoveries made during his wanderings.

With his interpretation, Madan has moved the canvas of the 'Barahmasa' series to the contemporary. His artworks combine the rich miniature 'Kota-Bundi' style with a contemporary artistic thought that's aesthetically executed.

'Wandering Connections' also explores the connection between the artist and Ranthambore. Madan has spent two decades documenting the rich tradition of mud wall paintings here. The tiger is an important motif that has been painted by women for generations on the walls of their homes. The trees used in the 'Tiger and Tigress' series by him are silhouettes of the flora and fauna of the wild region of Ranthambore. The artworks, with their iridescent backdrops, the refined language of colour, meticulous details and captivating motifs, create a new milestone in the trajectory of the artist.

The exhibition is on view from 11 am to 7 pm daily until November 4, 2022, at IIC's Annexe Art Gallery.

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