Venturing into the realms beyond physical matter

Venturing into the realms beyond physical matter

Dharmesh Yadav, a self-taught artist, is known for painting mainly in oils. Portraiture art is something he loves to do because faces fascinate him: the myriad of expressions, the persona, the emotions, the joy that glimpses through the eyes and the creases on the faces reflecting the lives lived make for compelling subjects.

Yadav took early retirement from his job at the Central Government, M.H.A., in pursuit of things not so mundane, to appreciate the beauty of the world around us and also venture into the realms beyond physical matter.

Although the artist intends to traverse the spiritual path in his paintings, he tries to bring the mundane objects of everyday life, such as people’s faces and animals too, to a level of realism that we would otherwise fail to notice or just pass by.

There has always been a debate about the need for realism in art after the advent of photography, but the appeal that lies in the marks made by the brushstrokes, the colour and the vividness that is brought by the oil paints, giving almost a surreal experience at times, is unmatched by a photograph. The artist wants to bring all this and more to life through his paintings.

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