Valentine's Day retreats for unique couples

Here are some amazing Valentine’s Day celebration ideas for different types of couples based on their interests and hobbies

The whole world is enthralled with the idea of love that an entire day is dedicated to it. And, yes, the much-awaited Day is coming up soon and you can see couples in all places planning to make it special for each other. Since every couple is unique, so are their thoughts and ways to celebrate.

Their ideas, attitudes and personalities set them apart from others and make their relationship unique. For one, it doubles as a bonding opportunity for you and your partner, allowing you to learn new things about each other and make new meaningful memories together.

To help you a little, here are some amazing Valentine's Day celebration ideas for different types of couples based on their interests and hobbies.

Love for foodie couple

If food is something that enthuses you and your partner, then you would definitely fall into this category. As Valentine's Day is quickly sneaking up, which means it's time to start thinking about your perfect dinner date destination. On this day, either you can surprise your foodie partner by making their favourite food and desserts or you can go out for a candle light dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day where you can create memories while enjoying your favourite food.

Long-distance couple

Although it's not unreasonable by any means, being in an LDR (Long Distance Relationship) is tough. And somehow it gets even tougher on certain days of the year, like birthdays, anniversaries and, of course this one day of the year which is specially created for couples. But thanks to technology, it's much easier to plan surprises and keep that spark alive no matter where you are in the world. Just because you and your loved one aren't physically together for the festivities doesn't mean you can't celebrate. If you are in an LDR, then you can surprise your partner by sending drone surprise with a customised message as a gesture of your everlasting love. You can order gifts for your partner online and get them delivered to your sweetheart's destination.

Childhood sweethearts

These are the indivisible couples who have been together since forever. They have seen each other in the best and worst shape. It wouldn't be easy to amaze your childhood sweetheart on Valentine's Day but it's not that difficult also. On Valentine's Day, you can take your partner to all those places that play an important role in your relationship – college canteen or restaurant or take your partner for a long drive. Go to these places together will take you down the memory lane.

Party-loving couple

There can't be anything more perfect than having a partner who shares similar interests. And if your mate loves to party just like you, then contemplate yourself the luckiest person on earth. You can arrange a house party on Valentine's Day and invite all your friends to enjoy each other's company. A swanky dinner and some fun games or invite musician or guitarist at home will allow you and your partner to spend quality time.

Shopaholic couple

Shopping is a form of stressbuster, which becomes even more enjoyable when done with your loved one. So, if you are the type of couple who looks for excuses to shop together and get immense joy out of it, then you definitely fall in this category. Taking your partner on a shopping spree on Valentine's Day is the best celebration idea. You can also browse online for Valentine's Day gifts to order a unique and thoughtful gift for your lady love.

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