'V Wars' to premiere on Netflix on Dec 5

Ian Somerhalder's new vampire series, 'V Wars', is set to debut on Netflix on December 5, the streamer has announced.

The actor, best known for playing Damon Salvatore in "The Vampire Diaries", shared the news on Instagram recently.

"I hope you like it. I've put my heart and soul into the show. It's been over a year of my life. It's put me in the hospital. But it's been an incredible journey," Somerhalder says in the video.

The actor, who is foraying into the digital space with the show, is also turning producer with 'V Wars'.

NXOn Netflix shared the premiere date of the 10-episode show.

"If there's one thing standing between me and a horde of vampires it had better be @iansomerhalder! The V Wars are coming on December 5th, are you prepared?" the Instagram post read.

The streamer also shared the first look of the show.

This time, Somerhalder doesn't star as a vampire but plays Dr Luther Swann, who tries to find out the nature of the disease that has turned his best friend Micheal Fayne and many others into vampires. 'V Wars' is an adaptation of the IDW comic of the same name by writer Jonathan Maberry.

Brad Turner is the director, with William Lauren and Glenn Davis attached as showrunners.

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