Unveiling Ghalib’s essence through Kathak

Unveiling Ghalib’s essence through Kathak

The Sahitya Kala Parishad, Department of Art, Culture and Language, Delhi, continued its cultural odyssey with the second day of ‘Remembering Ghalib’, an event dedicated to celebrating the eternal legacy of the great poet, Mirza Ghalib.

On the second day, the audience was treated to a mesmerising performance by renowned Kathak exponent Uma Sharma. Renowned in the realm of Kathak dance, she skilfully brought Ghalib’s life to life through her performance, drawing inspiration from Pavan K Varma’s insightful book. The dance commenced with Ghalib’s poetic expression, ‘Muddat hui yaar ko mehmaa kiye huye’, reflecting his initial joy in gambling and good health. However, Ghalib’s life took a turbulent turn when he fell into alcoholism and was arrested for gambling-related offences. Even in the face of personal hardships, his ghazals were well received.

‘Har ek baat pe kehte ho tum ki tu kya hai, tumhi kaho ke yeh andaaz-e-guftu kya hai’, Ghalib wrote passionately, capturing his affectionate relationship with a court dancer. As Ghalib faced adversity, he penned, ‘Chaliye ab aisi jagah chal kar jahaan koi na ho, ham-sukhan koi na ho aur ham-zabaan koi na ho’, expressing his solitude during trying times. The narrative deepened as Ghalib’s wife passed away and eventually, Ghalib himself departed, leaving behind a legacy of profound ghazals. All this enactment was done by Uma Sharma in the form of ‘Bhaav nritya’ and other dancers accompanying her performed the Kathak technique.

The entire performance was meticulously choreographed by Uma Sharma, with Pandit Ramesh Parihar providing soulful vocals, Mubarak Khan on tabla and Khalid Mustafa on sitar. S M Zaheer portrayed the role of Ghalib with the utmost finesse, bringing the poet’s essence to life. Adding to the captivating display were the talented dancers who graced the stage alongside Uma Sharma: Annu Jain, Sukriti, Srishti, Anoushka Dutta, Meghna, Kamakshi, Gaurvani, Muskan and Bheenee, each contributing to the vibrant and immersive experience.

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