Ultimate self-defense techniques

Women have played an incredible role in the progress of the human race. They have deeply accomplished spectacular efforts in harmonising, balancing, transforming, influencing the diverse, multicultural society and have shaped the course of history.

Fitness expert shares the ultimate self defense techniques. There are many stories told of great women leaders who challenged gender stereotypes and did not let discrimination stand in the the way of their goals, objectives and desires.

The patriarchal values have been ingrained within many people for a very long time and how unfortunate it is that it still inevitably exists. In India, rape or sexual assault against a women occurs at least every 20 minutes as per reports.

Self-defense and physical conditioning for women not only allows you to tangibly defend yourself, but practicing it will prepare you for a worst-cases scenario. Women must have the combating skills and take their leadership to the next level. Defend yourself with these five self-defense techniques:

The art of walking confidently

Being confident while walking is a key. So, if you find yourself walking home from the pub in the dark, or running through the woods on the weekend, walk with your head up and shoulders back. Make reliable eye contact instead of looking at your phone or at the ground. Give a positive vibration and do not look vulnerable. You'll feel and look more confident – this will give the attacker an idea that you are well equipped with the resources for your safety and this will change how a potential attacker sees you.

Talk the talk

It is good to avoid confrontation as much as possible. If you can sense a situation is about to get heated, try talking the person down. If there's something they want – money, your phone – hand it over. Nothing you own is worth more than your safety. But, if an attacker touches you (or it's clear that escape isn't possible), shout too loudly: "BACK OFF!" or "DON'T TOUCH ME!" It signals for help, and lets the attacker see you're not an easy target.

Elbow to the rescue

With minimal training, you can learn to deliver effective strikes with your elbow. Spend a few minutes on a punching bag and you will see that you can hit very hard with just a little bit of coaching. Elbow striking can be delivered from almost any position. This includes standing, on the ground, lying down or sitting in a chair. You can control the positions from which you will have to defend yourself. Just make sure you have trained yourself well with the techniques. Depending on the position of the attacker and how close they are will determine where you strike them. Remember, avoid stepping in very closer to hit them.

A palm-heel strike/kick is powerful

It's one of your best tools in self-defense. You need to raise your knees as high as possible and thrust the attackers foot out and down. To make

your leg strong and hard, practice a couple of striking daily with a punching bag.

You need a little practice to perfect the technique.

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