Tune into these podcasts to enjoy monsoon season

T ry sitting home on a rainy day and you will experience a surreal pause from the fast-paced life. All the sounds including that of the rain beating against the window panes or a cricket chirping come magically into the focus. Strangely, this can give rise to a melancholic feeling.

So why not use these heightened senses to listen to something for a fulfilling experience? Here is a list of some of the hand-picked podcasts you can tune into on Hubhopper.

Baatein by Chhaya Dabas

'Baatein' is all about cutting off from the maddening city life and connecting with yourself and others through poetry. Breaking it down to decipher the underlying meaning of the poem, the podcast converts it into regular conversations.

Stories of Premchand

This podcast has the most loved stories of all times, and narrates each story at its own unique pace. Listening to a Premchand, one can feel the story world come alive. It gives a deeply enriching experience, and an unparalleled value in an age where we don't have enough time to read novels.

Kachi Mitti - A Body of Barefoot Stories

Narrating stories with a unique perspective, this podcast can have a calming effect on you. It creatively explores different topics through seemingly simple stories. Listening to it, one can feel enlightened.

Spanecdotes by Sonata

Sonata shares her adventures and experiences in Delhi and different lessons about life through this podcast. It is entertaining and highly relatable for the millennials. It makes use of refreshing language to capture your interest and effectively convey the message intended.

Daily Meditation Podcast

There is nothing more calming than de-stressing at home while listening to the rain drops' sound. This podcast has a series of meditation sessions, to help you get ou mentally relaxed and focused through various events of your day. The sessions are short and effective.

You can just quickly plug-in to your earphones at any point of your day – before starting your day, while travelling or at the end of a stressful day. (Inputs by Gautam Raj Anand, Founder, and CEO, Hubhopper).

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