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Sparsh Natya Rang is organising its 7th Hriday Manch Theatre Festival in New Delhi from December 12-15, at Shri Ram Centre, Safdar Hashmi Marg. This year, four plays from Delhi, Jaipur and Bhopal will be performed.

December 12

Naadi Priksha

Written by Aabid Surti

Directed by Ajit Chowdhury

Group-Sparsh Natya Rang (Delhi)

Play is a light hearted Comedy Play. The Play is about a married retired army officer who is always flirting with girls. His wife who is bed ridden is always cursing him for the same. There is a twist when he gets upset on hearing rumors of his wife's said affairs. In a funny turn of events his long time girlfriend also ditches him for a younger man, but even all this doesn't deter him from running around young girls.

December 13


Written by Narendra Kohali

Directed by Gagan Mishra

Group-Curio (Jaipur)

It is necessary to express our love!!! But how? Very terrible question is this because some people express their love openly, some silently. Some through eyes, some through communication, But what kind of love this was? Which was neither unwrapped nor secreted, it was neither in the eyes nor in the conversation. Thereafter it was there. Is this the reason why people called it flirt? Let's find out through the play.

December 14

Parsai Uvaach

Written by Harishankar Parsai

Directed by Tarun Dutt Pandey

Group-Nav Nritya Natya Sanstha (Bhopal)

It is better to influence someone than to be impressed by someone. Harishankar Parsai has done the same thing. His satirical characters are known around us and continue to influence our lives. The 04 Stories presented in the satire are similar from our everyday lives. Shavyatra ka toliya is a humorous play of a person who has taken part in 100 Funeral Processions for the benefit of virtue. In Another satire 'Madhyamvargiya kutta' Parsai Ji has described the agony of a person who is living in middle class Society. In Third Story ''vah Kya tha'' is the story of a person who living in the society and is also disconnected from the society. In Last story ''Baatuni'' the character of a person who has tested your patience by taking abundantly. It is difficult task to stage the satire of Parsai Ji but it becomes easier when it comes to the common Man. That's why a common man is presented by a common man for a comman man.

December 15

Pati Gaye Ree Kathiawaar

Written by Venkatesh Madgulkar

Adaptation by Sudhir Kulkarni

Group-Sparsh Natya Rang (Delhi)

It is the story of a village called Bhamboda near pune in Maharashtra. The Subedar of Pune from a long time had been paying visit to Kathiawaar for yearly collection of tax. His wife Janki was a beautiful, devoted, dedicated lady, who loved her husband very much. After hearing the news that her husband has to go Kathiawaar she was in a deep sorrow, so she asked her husband to give her some work to keep herself busy. So, Sarjay Rao asked her to build a palace made of glass and that too without using any money from his side, in his absence. Although whatever he said was a part of joke, but his wife Janki took it seriously and wanted to fulfill the wishes of her husband. The character of Joravar and his Diwanji create some funny moments in his play. A husband-wife relationship is based on faith towards each other, if there is a tittle mistake then the life becomes hell for them. It is always the woman who is asked give the test of life. This play shows funny side of man-woman relationship.

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